Waterlife Aquarium Multi Test Kit

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Waterlife Aquarium Multi Test Kit

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Waterlife’s new Multi – Test Kits for aquariumsSuccessful fish keeping is all about water quality. Waterlife’s new aquarium multi-test kits allow the novice or professional fish keeper to monitor 3 vital parameters in one convenient box – pH, Ammonia & Nitrite.

  • pH – the measure of acidity or alkalinity of an aquarium or pond.  Most fish thrive in a pH range between pH6.5 and pH8.3.
  • Ammonia – this is the measure of fish waste.  It is highly dangerous to all fish and invertebrates.  
  • Nitrite – Ammonia is broken down by filtration bacteria into nitrite.  Whilst not quite as lethal as ammonia, exposure to this stage of the nitrogen cycle can have similar devastating affects to aquatic organisms.

Waterlife’s new multi -tests come complete with 3 test tubes, vial identity labels and instructions for use.Each kit includes 108 total tests.

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Waterlife Aquarium Multi Test Kit

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