Sennelier Oil Pastel

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Sennelier Oil Pastel


  • With the exception of the fluorescent hues, all shades in these Sennelier Oil Pastels offer impressive lightfastness
  • Choose from 110 basic shades to help you get the basics down, one glossy stroke after another
  • The perforated wrapper will actually tear off like it is supposed to instead of ripping into tiny pieces that always have a way of making it into your piece

Even if you never found much success with oil pastels, these professional options are going to give you a chance to really try your hand at getting used to the right tools to achieve that glossy feel you’re going for.

  • Application: Oil Pastels
  • Size: 70x10mm
  • Colour Range: 150 Colours

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Cinnabar Yellow Brown

Sennelier Oil Pastel

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