Prism (Limited Edition)

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Prism (Limited Edition)

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These Prisms are from the original product run, made possible by 154,926 people on Kickstarter. When they’re gone, they’re gone!

Keep your Fidget Cube™ nearby at all times with Prism™. Prism™ wraps around your Fidget Cube™ and can be used with or without the included keychain attachment.

With multiple colors available, Prism™ gives your Fidget Cube™ even more personality.

Prism is designed to be used with the standard Fidget Cube. Some Fidget Cube Collectibles will not fit properly in Prism, and the functionality of Fidget Cube Collectibles will be limited if used with Prism. 

Orders typically ship within 24 hours.

International customers, please be aware of your local tax and VAT code before placing an order. Thank you.

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Black, White, Red, Aqua, Sunset, Berry, Fresh

Prism (Limited Edition)

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