Ocean Commotion

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Ocean Commotion



Ocean Commotion by Prosody London at Indigo Perfumery

Vast, ever-changing, a place of dreams, visions, strange sights and electric nights. Ride like Venus in a mantle of pure ozone, tinged with bitter marram grass, Vesuvian lichens, and kombu. Seriously stirring.


Made from finest 100% natural and organic ingredients only including Ozonic seawater, Marram grass, Beechwood, Vesuvian lichen, Kombu


Family: Ozonic/Acquatic

30ml. Organic Eau de Cologne and 1 ml. spray glass sample vial 

Perfumer: Keshen Teo

Alcohol (Sd Alcohol 40-b), Parfum (Fragrance), *Geraniol, Oakmoss (<0.1%)

 *Derived from 100% natural and 95% certified organic ingredients only. Non-GMO, synthetics free, phthalates free and parabens free, all botanical extracts only and not tested on animals.

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30 ml. Organic EdC, 1 ml. spray sample

Ocean Commotion

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