Oase Filtral Filter Media Sets

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Oase Filtral Filter Media Sets

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IMPORTANT: Please check your manual and existing media to ensure you purchase the correct replacement. There are a new range of Oase Filtral models which require different media.The Oase Filtral Replacement Media Kits gives you all you need to replace the foam and media inside your All in One Filtral system.Each kit contains a good quality blue coarse foam as well as a smaller flat black finer foam. Bagged pebble media and Plastic bio media is also included providing you with all the essential parts to ensure you can maintain your system.Kits available to fit all models of the Oase Filtral All In One Range.To enable you to get the best out of your Pond equipment, regular maintenance is recommended.

Oase Filtral 2500 / 3000 Media Set

Code: 13705Fits: Filtral 2500 and 3000 UVC, PondoRell 3000Contains: 1 x Blue Coarse Foam, 1 x Black Fine Foam, 1 x pebble bag (approx 200g) and 2 x Plastic Bio Media

Oase Filtral 5000 / 6000 / 9000 Media Set

Code: 35836Fits: Filtral 5000, 6000 and 9000 UVCContains: 1 x Blue Coarse Foam, 1 x Black Fine Foam, 2 x Pebble bags (approx 200g) and 8 x Plastic Bio Media

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2500/3000, 5000/6000/9000

Oase Filtral Filter Media Sets

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