My Little World

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My Little World


Product InformationMy Little WorldA Child’s First BookHardcover | 9.5″ x 12.5″ | 87 PagesWritten by: Devorah BenedictPublished by: Feldheim PublishersAbout this BookShuli and Sruli are sister and brother.They play together and love each other.Join the fun with Shuli, Sruli, and baby sister Malki as they explore the world, they see around them. Learn about animals, colors, feelings, clothes, seasons, shapes, and much, much more! Here is an experiential and educational book recommended by experts and perfect for developing young minds.My Little World was written in conjunction with child development professionals and presents a broad spectrum of topics and basic concepts that will:

• Develop language skills

• Increase attention span

• Enhance social skills

• Teach a range of new ideas

• Enrich the child’s emotional world

Reading this book with your child is sure to be a wonderful learning experience.

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My Little World

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