Lucky Pouch Kangaroo Scrotum

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Lucky Pouch Kangaroo Scrotum

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This lucky pouch is made from gueniune Kangaroo Scrotum.Pouches made from the scrotum of a Kangaroo have been used for centuries by Australian Aborigines to keep and carry seeds and other small items.During the Australian Gold Rush Kangaroo scrotum bags were used to carry gold nuggets, tea and coffee beans.Kangaroos are culled in Australia under government regulation which is upheld by the Australian National Parks and Wildlife Service. All shooters, dealers and tanners require licences. These licences ensure the Kangaroo numbers in the wild are maintained and controlled. Kangaroo scrotum products are by-products of this kangaroo population control program.A Kangaroo scrotum pouch is a very unique and popular Australian gift or souvenir.Average Size- 65 mm x 135 mmPackaged Size- 95 mm x 210 mm

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Lucky Pouch Kangaroo Scrotum

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