IE VW MK7 & Audi 8V DSG (DQ381) Transmission Tune | Fits 2019+ GTI, GLI & A3

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IE VW MK7 & Audi 8V DSG (DQ381) Transmission Tune | Fits 2019+ GTI, GLI & A3

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Don’t short shift your ECU tune and performance parts, get the most out of your modifications with the IE DSG Transmission tune for 2019+ GTI & A3 2.0T. Instantly gain increased power, higher RPM limit, faster shifts, optimized shift points, and a true performance tuned transmission. Acceleration times will greatly improve transforming your 2.0T into a fully rounded performance monster.


  • Required for high torque IE ECU tunes
  • Lightning fast gear shifts
  • Higher shift points of 6900 RPM
  • Kick down in manual mode eliminated
  • Lag time reduced when starting off in first gear
  • Drive shift mapping entirely reworked with an enthusiast in mind
  • Flashed directly through OBD-II Port (No TCU removal required)
  • Increased clutch pressure on tap for higher torque without slip
  • Temperature protection remains for safety
  • Gear hunting reduced
  • Gearbox “Torque Limiters” removed


Required for GTI & A3 Stage 1 high torque and all Stage 2 tune files, your new transmission tune will no longer lug the engine in drive mode, or short shift the larger powerband. Clutch clamping forces are increased so the transmission can safely handle and deliver the increased power and torque. To get the most out of your tune investment, a lot of features have been added to make a fully rounded performance vehicle with more aggressive launches, faster shifting, higher RPM, and optimized shift points, and selectable launch control.


That’s right, your IE DSG tune is all-inclusive and does not offer expensive “Stage” upgrades. All features for any ECU stage are included in the tune and will never require unnecessary upgrade charges.


IE’s POWERlink direct port flash tool is required to flash your ECU (engine control unit) or TCU (transmission control unit) and is available separately. The POWERlink tool is sold with all new IE ECU tunes and can also be used to flash your new DSG tune. If you already own an IE POWERlink unit, purchasing this file will add the credits to your cable within one working day. If you do not own a POWERlink cable, please chose to add one in the drop-down menu above.


FILE SWITCHING The POWERLink cable allows for map switching without making a trip back to an IE Software dealer. This allows you to test different TCU maps and features such as launch points.

EASY OPERATION Simply plug your IE PowerLink cable into your vehicle’s OBD-II port and the USB port on your Windows-powered laptop to use the included IE Flash Wizard software. The flash wizard will then walk you through the installation steps.

FLASH MULTIPLE CARS Have a friend with a compatible VW or Audi? Share the power with up to 5 different cars with a single cable. Just add enough credits to your cable for the desired tune and power-up your entire crew.

RETURN TO STOCK ANYTIMEWith the IE PowerLink, you can return your vehicle back to original ECU or TCU programming at any time.

EASY UPDATES IE will always provide free software updates as they become available and easily reflashed through your IE PowerLink cable.

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTSLaptop or tablet with Wifi connection and USB port running Windows 7 or newer operating system required. Powered by 32 or 64-bit processor with 1.0GHz or greater and 4GB of Ram. Windows NT not supported.


HIGHER SHIFT POINTSUtilize the whole powerband of your turbocharged Gen 3 TSI with IS20 Turbo engine without the DSG interfering and shifting early.

DRIVE MAPPING REWORKEDThe MQB 2.0 TSI DSG is designed to a fault to keep engine rpm extremely low in drive. We completely reworked this, creating a more enthusiast-friendly drive mapping which shifts a bit higher. This eliminates vibration and that constant feeling that you’re lugging the engine. We’ve reworked the downshifting aspect as well, making the transmission much quicker to deliver power when you need it. Thousands of miles of testing were accumulated and a variety of users were polled to come up with this improved drive mode.

INCREASED CLUTCH PRESSUREIncreasing the clutch pressure allows for the transmission to hold more torque without causing clutch damage or expedited wear. With the increased torque, the acceleration will be greatly increased and launches will far more aggressive.

FLASHED THROUGH OBD-II PORTThere’s no need to remove the TCU from the car and it can be flashed in your driveway or through an IE software dealer. Additionally, having an IE PowerLink cables means you can install updates are they become available as well as read TCU and ECU fault codes.

TAKE-OFF LAG REDUCEDThe clutch engagement has been reworked to reduce that annoying “DSG Lag” when moving away from a stop.

KICK DOWN REMOVED IN MANUAL MODEThe kick down switch is disabled in manual shift mode, ensuring you stay in the gear you’ve selected, even during hard launches or over bumpy terrain

FLAWLESS OPERATION WITH IE ECU TUNESThe IE DSG Tune and ECU Tune were developed side by side on our in-house dynamometer. By running both tunes you will unlock the full potential of your 2.0 TSI Gen 3 engine and transmission.


  • AUDI – A3 2019+ (8V) W/ DSG TRANSMISSION

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IE VW MK7 & Audi 8V DSG (DQ381) Transmission Tune | Fits 2019+ GTI, GLI & A3

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