Fluval E 100w Advanced Electronic Heater

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Fluval E 100w Advanced Electronic Heater

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Fluval E-Series Heaters are simple to use aquarium heaters with built-in thermostats and dual temperature sensors to constantly monitor and correct aquarium water temperature. Each heater continuously monitors and displays aquarium water temperature with a colour indicator to let you know if the temperature is too hot or cold. The technologically advanced aquarium heater continuously monitors flow too, ensuring that it is positioned correctly and is having the greatest impact on your water temperature. With this advanced electronic heater, you can be certain that your tank and fish will be safe. 


The Fluval E-Series is packed with convenient features, making them one of the best choices for your aquarium

  • Vuetech Alert System – The fully submersible heaters each have an LCD screen allowing you to easily read its continuous temperature display in real-time. There is also an alarm, which will change colour to indicate a fluctuation past the pre-set temperature. 
  • Dual Temperature Sensors – These built-in sensors give a full picture of the temperature and flow within your aquarium, offering a full picture of the tank to the digital microprocessor monitoring system.
  • Heater Guard – For advanced protection, the E Series has an integrated fish guard which lessens the risk of any nasty accidents for your aquarium inhabitants. 
  • Heavy-Duty Suckers – Each heater is supplied with heavy-duty suckers and a slim-profile mounting bracket for secure positioning within both fresh and saltwater tanks.
  • Toggle controls – The Fluval E-Series Heater has a simple precision temperature control that uses a toggle to allow you to quickly set the correct temperature for your aquarium.

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Fluval E 100w Advanced Electronic Heater

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